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NBT VISION protective  face  shields
Complicated epidemiological situation requires additional protection!

We have been producing  Personal Protective Equipment since 1941. Nowadays we produce protective spectacles, goggles and face shields for protection medical personnel in the fight against coronavirus infection - COVID-19. 

Viruses can enter the body through the mucous membrane of the eyes. Face shields provide full protection of the face from splashes and bacteria, reduce the probability of infection because they completely cover the face and provide additional protection for goggles and masks.


  • Protective  visor  made of clear PC
  • Optical class 1
  • Minimum mass no more  than 200 g
  • Face  shields  are reusable. Withstand all types of sterilization:
  • alcohol-containing solutions
  • chlorine-containing solutions
  • boiling from 15 seconds to 15 minutes


Doctors and specialists are in risk areas!
Use protective face shields as additional protection for  goggles  and masks!


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